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Hawaii Statewide Nursing Consortium (HSNC) Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing

Program Description

The Hawai'i Statewide Nursing Consortium Bachelor of Science (BS) nursing program admits current Manoa and transfer students. This program admits for both Fall and Spring semesters. With the BS degree, the student is prepared for graduate education and continued career development.

Fast Facts

  • Outstanding faculty committed to advancing health care delivery.
  • 76 credits of nursing courses.
  • Cohort program designed to be completed in 3 years.
  • Individual academic advising and support throughout the program.

Program Outcomes

The graduate of the HSNC BS Nursing program is prepared to:

  • advocate and provide high quality care to improve and maintain the health of a diverse society
  • direct, supervise and collaborate with others to organize care
  • advance the profession through lifelong learning, participate in professional organizations and practice in a confident, competent, compassionate and accountable manner
  • develop culturally appropriate clinical knowledge by examining, processing and disseminating knowledge to improve and maintain the health of a diverse society.


Upon admission, each student will receive a personalized review of completed coursework to create an individualized progression plan for program completion including general education requirements (http://www.catalog.hawaii.edu/corerequirements/core-req.htm)

Pre-requisites:  29 credits

Written Communication – 3 credits
Symbolic Reasoning – 3 credits
Global/Multicultural Perspectives – 3 credits
Social Sciences – 6 credits
Natural Science – 11 credits
Physical Science – 3 credits

Remaining Manoa General Education/Graduation Requirements:  15 credits

Global/Multicultural Perspectives – 3 credits
Arts/Humanities/Literatures – 6 credits
Pharmacology – 3 credits
Approved Statistics – 3 credits
Writing Intensive – 2 courses

Nursing Curriculum:76 credits (Effective Fall 2013)

NURS 210     Health Promotion Across Lifespan
NURS 211     Professionalism in Nursing
NURS 212     Pathophysiology
NURS 220     Health and Illness I
NURS 320     Health and Illness II Family Health
NURS 360     Health and Illness III
NURS 362     Professionalism in Nursing II
NURS 363     Nursing Research
NURS 450     Community, Global & Public Health
NURS 452     Cultural Aspects of Health Management
NURS 453     Intro to Genetics in Nursing
NURS 460     Integrated Clinical Practicum and Leadership Development
NURS 461     Advanced Pathophysiology and Neurobiology
NURS ELEC  Approved Nursing Elective Course

*NEW* Schedule a pre-nursing advising appointment with the nursing peer advisor for pre-nursing questions. Email nadvisor@hawaii.edu or Jennifer Brown, Pre-Nursing Advisor at jb26@hawaii.edu  or call 808-956-9387 to request an appointment.


Application Instructions


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