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Executive RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum

Must have a valid RN license in the United States and a minimum of 2 years work experience as an RN at the time of application.

General University Core and Graduation Requirements: 45 credits
Diversification CORE (19 credits)
Natural Science  (7) 
Arts/Humanities/Literatures (6)
Social Science (6) 
Foundation CORE (12 credits)
Written Communication (3) 
Symbolic Reasoning (3) 
Global/Multicultural Perspectives (6) 

General Elective Courses: Approximately 14 credits
(includes any remaining upper-division and/or WI courses to meet UHM graduation requirements) 

Associate Degree Nursing Coursework: Approximately 35 credits

Upon admission, each student will receive a personalized review of completed coursework.


Pre-requisite and Upper Division Courses: 40 credits
9 credits

NURS 301 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice and Health Promotion (W)  (3)*
NURS 306  Statistics in Nursing (3)*
NURS 363 Introduction to Nursing Research (E) (3)

9 credits

NURS 462 Community Health Nursing for Executive RN (3)
NURS 462L Community Health Nursing for Executive
RN Fieldwork (O,W) (3)
Nursing Elective 1 (3)**

9 credits

NURS 461 Advanced Pathophysiology and Neurobiology (3)
NURS 452 Cultural Aspects of Health Management in
Populations Indigenous to Hawaii, Pacific and Asia (H) (3)
NURS 453 Introduction to Genetics in Nursing Practice (3) 

13 credits

NURS 460 Complex Nursing and Leadership (4)***
NURS 460L Complex Nursing and Leadership Lab (W) (6)***
Nursing Elective 2 (3)**


Total # of credits: 120

*  Must be taken PRIOR to N363, N462, N452, N453, N460, N461
**May be taken at any time during upper division coursework
***Eligible for credit by portfolio
Updated: September 26, 2016

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