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Master's to Doctor of Nursing Practice

The program is designed as a post-Master's or higher degree program to meet our statewide demand for a highly competent nursing workforce equipped with the skills to ensure the delivery of safe, quality nursing care in Hawai'i. The DNP curriculum is incorporated throughout the program so that students can successfully complete the required coursework based on the AACN Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (AACN, 2006) to develop, implement, and evaluate the DNP project.


Fast Facts

  • Admits licensed RNs possessing a master’s degree in nursing or related field.
  • 36 - 53 credits (30 didactic credits plus a minimum of 6 -17 credits for the DNP project) completed part-time over two years including summer sessions.
  • Students enter and progress in a learning cohort with courses offered in a combination of required summer face-to-face sessions, online, and/or hybrid delivery.
  • Coursework includes a practice-based project.
  • Students receive individual advising and support throughout the program by faculty and practice-based advisors.


Program Outcomes

At the conclusion of the program, the graduate is awarded a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.  The graduate will be competent in the eight Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (AACN, 2006) and prepared for an emerging leadership role. 




DNP Project
Graduates of the program will have a minimum of 1,000 hours of practice post-baccalaureate as part of a supervised academic program (AACN, 2006).  Required NURS 776 DNP Project hours will vary, dependent on documented post-baccalaureate practicum hours; 1 credit hour = 3 hours per week or 45 hours per semester.

The equivalent of six semester credits of graduate level (500 level or above) elective coursework are required to qualify for the DNP degree and must be taken after entry into the program. Electives are typically scheduled during the Summer sessions. If electives are taken in the Fall or Spring semester, they must be taken in addition to the required DNP pathway courses. Elective courses will not be used as substitutions for the required courses listed in the DNP pathway.

In consultation with and approval of the Academic Advisor, elective coursework needs to meet the requirements of the program. Specifically, the courses will be those that augment the student's DNP Project and/or contribute to their professional development.
Note: Sequence of courses may change due to availability of courses. Mandatory Summer Intensives are held on Oahu in early August.


Year 1
14 or more credits
Summer  On-Campus Mandatory Summer Intensive (1-3 days)
7 or more credits
NURS 730 Principles of Evidence-Based Practice for Advanced Nursing (3)
NURS 750 Leadership & Management of Healthcare Systems (3)
NURS 776* DNP Project (1 cr min.)
7 or more credits
NURS 761 Translation Science (3)
NURS 746 Program Evaluation (3)
NURS 776* DNP Project (1 cr min.)
Year 2
12 or more credits
11 or more credits
On-Campus Mandatory Summer Intensive (1-3 days)
NURS 776* DNP Project (2 cr min.) 
NURS 768 Advanced Clinical Economics and Finance (3)
Elective #1 (3)
Elective #2 (3)
7 or more  credits
POLS 670 Introduction to Public Policy (3)
LAW 532 Bio Ethics Law (3)
NURS 776* DNP Project (1 cr min.)
4 or more credits
ICS 614 Medical Informatics (3)
NURS 776* DNP Project (1 cr min.)

Total # of Credits: 26 or more credits

Updated: June 13, 2017


Partnership in the Nursing Education Exchange

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa is a member of NEXus (The Nursing Education Exchange). NEXus is a collaboration between participating doctoral programs in nursing that allows doctoral students enrolled at member colleges and universities to take courses that may not be offered at his/her home institution for a common tuition price. Students may fulfill the elective requirements by enrolling in NEXus courses.



Aeza Hafalia, MEd
DNP Program Coordinator
NEXus Campus Staff Coordinator

Phone: (808) 956-8401
Fax: (808) 956-5977
Clementina Ceria-Ulep, PhD, MSN, RN
DNP Program, Acting Director
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor 
Phone: (808) 956-5225


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