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2016-17 School Year Activity Report



In 2016-17, Hawai′i Keiki expanded access to school based nurses to 65,000 public school students enrolled with the Hawai′i Department of Education (DOE), nearly doubling the program reach since its launch in 2014-15. Hawai′i Keiki provided 11 nurses across 7 Complex Areas (106) schools to support student, school and system success through numerous health related activities.


Direct Services

  • Launched 6 School-Based Health Centers in 6 Complex Areas (1 Hawai′i Island; 5 Oahu) staffed with an APRN providing assessment and medical treatment for acute health conditions
  • Nearly 20% of health room visits and 1,570 cases were referred by SHAs to nurses
  • Provided 133 prescriptions and medication administrations requiring RN/APRN license
  • Provided flu vaccine with the Stop Flu at School program through DOH
  • Participated in vision screening with EyeSpy 20/20 vision screening software at 26 schools
  • Facilitated hearing screenings in lower elementary school grades


Data Collection

  • Implemented a school health electronic documentation system at 12 school sites.
  • Worked with the vendor to create reports to meet Hawai′i needs
  • Data shows:
    • 26,594 visits to the health room and 1,216 medication events for 5,867 students
    • Visit reasons: 44% illness-related; 39% injury related; 17% health guidance
    • Visit disposition: 85% returned to class; 14% dismissed from health room; 1% remained in health room



Hawai′i Keiki received DOE funding to expand school nursing statewide to 15 Complex Areas:

  • Statewide public school system support
    • 256 schools with approximately 180,000 students across the State of Hawai′i
    • Establish 8 new School-Based Health Center in 8 new Complex Areas
  • 20 project schools will have School-Based Health Care services provided by Hawai′i Keiki Nurses
  • Increased access to services through UHM Nursing funded grants to introduce pilots to selected schools
    • Hawai′i Interprofessional Practice and Education Coalition including pharmacy and APRN students, psychiatry fellows, and pediatric dentist
    • Develop oral health program providing screening and dental sealants
  • Support and consultation to DOE OCISS School Health Services Section for
    • Expanding the pilot electronic health room management system, HealthOffice Anywhere®, to all 256 schools
    • Continued collaboration and development with community organizations



DOE Complex Areas with the Hawai′i Keiki Program 


  • Kapa‘a-Kaua‘i-Waimea: 16 public K-12 schools, 9,000+ students



  • Ka‘u-Kea‘au-Pāhoa: 9 public K-12 schools, 5,000+ students


  • Castle-Kahuku: 16 public K-12 schools, 8,000+ students
  • Farrington-Kaiser-Kalani: 25 public K-12 schools, 15,000+ students
  • Kailua-Kalāheo: 14 public K-12 schools, 6,000+ students
  • Nānākuli-Wai‘anae: 9 public K-12 schools, 8,000+ students
  • Pearl City-Waipahu: 17 public K-12 schools, 14,000+ students


Program Growth

School Year Nurses Complex Areas Schools Keiki
2014-15 4 5 59 37,000
2015-16 6 6 89 51,000
2016-17 11 7 106 65,000


2016-2017 Staffing/Scope Expansion
Quarter 1
  • Onboarding of 2 new Complex Area APRNs and 1 School RN
  • Recruitment of 2 additional School RNs and 2 APRN vacancies
  • Launch of 6 new School-Based Health Centers in 6 Complex Areas including:
    • Outreach to all students in school for parental consent for services
    • Implementation of EPIC Electronic Medical Record and billing system
  • 10 School Health Assistants (SHAs) trained in HealthOffice Anywhere® [HOA] documentation system
Quarter 2
  • New School RN contract established serving 2 additional elementary schools
  • 1 APRN position and all 3 remaining School RN vacancies filled
  • Implemented pilot of HOA in 12 school health rooms with Hawai′i Keiki nurses
Quarter 3
  • SHA Manual Project to update health room procedures with evidence-based practice guidelines in collaboration with UH Mānoa Nursing faculty and DOH Public Health Nursing Branch
  • Executed new MOU between DOH-DOE-Hawai′i Keiki establishing expanded program services to DOE and formalizing coordination between parties
  • All vacancies filled with nurses providing care at 12 schools in 7 complex areas
Quarter 4
  • Enhanced DOE integration initiated through transition of program to OCISS under School Health Services Section
  • SHA Manual Project final draft completed and delivered to DOE 
  • Legislature approved DOE budget for state-wide expansion to 8 new complex areas starting in the 2017-18 school year 


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