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Post-Master's Certificate

Program Description

The Post-Master Certificate Program is designed for the nurse with a master’s degree in nursing who wants to acquire expertise in an additional specialty. Students can apply and be accepted into any of the advanced practice nursing specialties (e.g., FNP, PNP, A/GNP, CNS, NEL, APHN, dual FNP/APHN, and dual PNP/APHN).

The Program Director for the APRN specialty that the nurse is planning to enroll provides individual counseling and develops a program of study based on the nurse’s previous academic work.  A minimum of 15 credits must be completed to obtain a Post-Masters Certificate with at least 9 of these credits taken in graduate nursing courses offered at UHM SONDH. After completion of the Post-Masters Certificate program, the student can sit for the national certification examination in her/his specialty area.

Admission Process



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