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Prospective Dental Hygiene Students

The Academic Program
The Department of Dental Hygiene admits students to the bachelor of science in dental hygiene program following completion of a minimum of 29 credit hours of prerequisites and the majority of general education courses.

The program at UH Mānoa is the only bachelor-level dental hygiene program in the state. It offers the educational preparation required by dental hygienist to provide oral health care and education to the people of Hawai'i, the continental U.S., and the Pacific-Asia region.
Students completing the bachelor of science in dental hygiene qualify for admission to the national and regional dental hygiene examinations for licensure to practice dental hygiene in private, public health, and other dental hygiene settings.
The bachelor of science in dental hygiene provides opportunity for students to continue their education. It offers professional training to broaden and deepen knowledge and skills, as well as provides a foundation for personal and professional development and opportunities for admission to graduate work.
Application Period
December 1 through February 1 for the upcoming fall semester. Students are admitted only during the fall semester.
Transfer applicants form other universities and colleges must complete the UH System Application form and submit the form to UH Mānoa Office of Admissions and Records. Students enrolled as classified day students at UH Mānoa during the semester immediately preceding the semester of desired entry must complete the Curriculum Transfer Request and the Department of Dental Hygiene application forms.
Applicants must submit transcripts, if applicable, and photocopy of grades if enrolled in courses at any community college or other university during the semester immediately preceding the semester of entry to the program.
Application and Admission Requirements
Dental Hygiene program Application (last updated 5/26/2011)
Informational Sheet (last updated: (7/1/09)
  • Admission of students to the Bachelor of Science in Dental hygiene program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) is based on specific written criteria, procedures and policies. Previous academic performance in high school, at the UHM or other college or university, performance on standardized tests and othe predictors are utilized in selecting students who have potential for successfully completing the program.
  • Three sets of criteria for the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene are devised as follows: for High School Applicant, College Transfer Applicant, and Fourth Year Applicant with Certificate/Associate degree in dental hygiene. The criteria are weighted and a twelve-point Admission Index (AI) is compiled for each category applicant.
  • Criteria for the High School Applicant include minimum qualifications: high school cumulative GPA, combined SAT Score or equivalent or rank in graduating class, completion of natural science and mathematic courses and residency.
  • Criteria for the College Transfer Applicant include minimum requirements: cumulative GPA at UHM or other college/university, completion and performance in pre-dental hygiene and general education core requirements, basic sciences GPA, interview and residency.
  • Criteria for the Fourth Year Applicant include minimum requirement: cumulative GPA at UHM or equivalent, National Boarfosys/login.htmld Dental Hygiene examination score, completion of dental hygiene courses at UHM or equivalent, interview, and residency.
  • Students not accepted into the program are provided counseling on alternative options.

Health Certification and Other Requirements

  • An updated record of immunization including laboratory evidence (titer) of immunity to rubella, rubeola, and varicella, health insurance coverage, and purchase of a liability-malpractice insurance policy of $1 million per incident and $3 million aggregate are required of all dental hygiene students after acceptance into the program and prior to the start of clinical experiences. Students are expected to have a tuberculosis screening test (Mantoux) or chest x-ray done and to receive the Hepatitis B vaccination at the beginning of the dental hygiene program.
  • All students must complete the American Heart Association basic cardiac life support (Health Provider level BLS Course) certification course prior to clinical instruction.
  • Students enrolled in dental hygiene clinical courses have the potential for exposure to communicable diseases and may sustain injuries in the clinical setting. Limited emergency care will be rendered on site. Students are financially liable for all care received, including emergency room charges.
  • Certifications and requirements must be current for the duration of program enrollment.
View information on the Dental Hygiene Clinic.
For more information on the program, please contact us at (808) 956-8821 or visit our FAQ section.

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