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RN to Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing for ADN Graduates

Program Description

The RN to Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing program for associate degree nursing (ADN) graduates is a complement to the statewide continuing consortium nursing curriculum offered to UH students. The RN to Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing program is designed to provide an efficient bridge to the baccalaureate for the nurse with less than 2 years experience with an associate degree. The program builds upon initial nursing preparation with coursework to enhance professional development, prepare for a broader scope of practice, and provide an increased understanding of the cultural, economic, and social issues that affect the delivery of safe, quality patient care [1].

Students may enter the program in the fall or spring taking courses online and via the Hawaiʽi Interactive Television Service (HITS) while balancing work and family responsibilities. The program provides access to students living on Maui and Kauaʻi. With the BS degree, the student is prepared for graduate education and continued career development.

Fast Facts

  • Outstanding faculty committed to advancing health care delivery
  • 34 credits of nursing upper division courses
  • Nursing courses are offered using online, face to face, and HITS formats
  • Individual academic advising and support throughout the program

Program Outcomes

The graduate of the RN to Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing program is prepared to:

  • Advocate and provide high quality care to improve and maintain the health of a diverse society
  • Direct, supervise and collaborate with others to organize care
  • Advance the profession through lifelong learning, participate in professional organizations and practice in a confident, competent, compassionate and accountable manner
  • Develop culturally appropriate clinical knowledge by examining, processing and disseminating knowledge to improve and maintain the health of a diverse society

[1] American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2011) Fact Sheet: Degree completion programs for registered nurses: RN to master’s and RN to baccalaureate programs.


Upon admission, each student will receive a personalized review of completed coursework to create an individualized progression plan for program completion including general education requirements (http://www.catalog.hawaii.edu/corerequirements/core-req.htm).

RN to Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing*

  Prior to Upper Division Nursing at UH Mānoa

Pre-requisites:  44 credits

Natural Science - 11 credits                                               Pharmacology - 3 credits
Social Science - 6 credits                                                    Written Communication - 3 credits   
Physical Science - 3 credits                                                Global/Multicultural Perspectives - 6 credits
Symbolic Reasoning - 3 credits                                                        Arts/Humanities/Literatures - 6 credits
Statistics - 3 credits                                                                    

Nursing Coursework and General Electives: up to 42 credits

Nursing Coursework - approximately 35 credits
General Elective Courses – approximately 7 credits or more

Upon admission, each student will receive a personalized review of completed coursework.

Upper Division Nursing Courses: 34 credits


Summer (or Prior Semester)






**NURS 301 Introduction to
  Evidence Based Practice and

  Health Promotion (W)


NURS 363 Nursing Research (E)


NURS 452 Cultural Aspects of   

   Health Management in

   Populations Indigenous to

   Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia























25 cr

NURS 450 Community, Public

   and Global Health (O)


NURS 450L Community, Public

   and Global Health Nursing    

   Lab (W)


NURS 453 Introduction to

   Genetics in Nursing Practice











NURS 460 Complex Nursing and



NURS 460L Complex Nursing and

   Leadership Lab


NURS 461 Advanced Patho/












Total # of credits:  120                                                                                                                       Updated: June 28, 2013

*Eligibility: Graduation from a Diploma or Associate Degree program in nursing
**Cannot be taken prior to graduation from a Diploma or Associate Degree program in nursing


Students are accepted for fall and spring semesters. Visit us at http://www.nursing.hawaii.edu/regular_RN_BS.

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